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Polysics : reviving nu-wave hero

a digression; "Trend Tamago" (we call it Tore-Tama, "tamago" usually meanz an egg) izt da hottest minutez of TV-TOKYO'z late newz show "World Business Satellite". a poker-faced caster; Heitaro O-hama reportz sucking (or brilliant, rarely) gadgetz that implement nu-technolozy. it'z somethin' alike to our operation

that'z pawkey, well - wellhead, peculiar to tokyo.jp or not, un petit hotter topik izt da revival of "new wave"

we wonda how do you feel when you listen a term of "new wave (NW)". commonly im jp, it meanz RnR movement im late'70z to early'80z accompanying punk-rock. 4example - Devo, Talking Heads, Ultravox!, PIL, Throbbing Gristle, Rough Trade, Factory, early Mute and so on... into dis disgusting list, some dopeheadz add Bauhaus, U2 and even Primal Scream. "maybe once new evaa" to "nevaa had something neu", oldboyz im jp call this mixed up "NW", phew

da confession; "i say it'z all enough! they all are only RnR - memoriez of good old '70z, adieu"... pawever, following our gulu Heitaro O-hama, will continue to report our nouvelle sucking gadgetz

today, a few kidz im tokyo.jp are attracted auf der mixturez of stupid synth-pop and violent guitar sound. just alike to early soundz of Devo, not for da gloomy dark sidez of "NW" thing. and doze of kidz' hero - it'z a band named "Polysics"

Polysics 1st P CD-6tracks
grungy sound wiz
you know Poly-Six iz Korg's old synth (once called "poorman'z Prophet-5"). inheriting the name of da rare utensil, their leader "Poly-1" (4 of memberz, they use pseud-name of "Poly-1" to "Poly-4") assumed to said "i once waz an ordinary RnR boy but one day i'd watched Devo'z video-clip and thought, how it'z kool!! then i've b'n Poly-1".
Polysics Plus Chicker EP 7'-2tracks

4 men in jump suitz

speaking plainly, Polysics' sound iz just a brutal acid-rock. following their heroez - such az Devo, Plastics, and P-Model - but showz mostly roughness and lack of musical strength. but they're still young, plus quite energetic and above all they are digibi homebase Shimokitazawa-town grown band, so something maybe sent from this nouvelle rockheadz

and "NW" revival movement im jp seems to be spread further. reviewin' good (?) old dayz and today, this report must be continue. stay in tune if you like it, not so confident...

for doze personz in discharge
"DJ HERO U.D.A. presents KILLER!!" at ROCKWEST shibuya 1999/06/24


BE FRESH! who'z da deceivaa!? went to this party cuz they said that'z dedicated to "electro tech-funk". but disappointed there'z too much 4beatz of boring 909 kick boom- zoom-boom-zoom...aarrrf in reality, da DJz played a few electro tracks - but look like haven't been skilled in it yet nor even ignorant of what'z dee essencez of neu-electro. if you skilled in spinning doze of hard-trax, wouldn't play neu-electro well cuz it'z far purer and highly muzikal

pawever, gonna never blame anybody else. afta-all, there're few partiez dedicated to neu-electro im tokyo.jp, and doze of mediocre DJz loop'n'spin feeble old shabby pseud-houz / pseud-minimal beatz boom-zoom...or pour impure worn-out breaks. too poor!! are just substitutez of music? ..."not-bad" iz nevaa enough

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