#990630 da reviving fresh issue : electro shock!!

jackin' kindergarten vol.1 playlist seriez of a deep-house otaku
track listing of DJ JAZZY F's EZ-Mix vol.1. 1998/05/30

1.SLICK N' FLASH Stretch [BACK TO BASICS] from Stretch EP B2B1013

I guess CARL FINLOW makes mostly sour music. But this high-purely house is composed of simply rhythm and moderate melody. It feels good.

2.BASEMENTAL Here & Now [NITE GROOVES] from Track Ya Down EP KNG-11

Why do I think of KELLY CHANDLER? It is mysterious and sluggish. This was released in '94, it is rather refine than past.

3.DINO & TERRY Freestyle [20:20 VISION] from VIS021

I pay a lot of attention to DINO & TERRY. Their works are very smooth and easy. I hope they will keep underground direction.


I know UNDERGROUND REPAIR nothing. At first, They released some hard acid techno. Recently they provide soft minimal track like this.

5.DJ E-TONES Soul Detergent [SOUNDS] from SO25

This plays a cute melody impressive. It remains BGM of "SHINKONSAN-IRASSHAI" (Japanese famous TV-Program for newlyweds),doesn't it?

6.SHELTERED The Stealthstomper Mix [20:20 VISION] from VIS006

This is the sound of modern disco? It is very different from normalized '70 state house. At the second half of track, electronic sound makes miracle harmony. High praised!

7.CLASH Kola [GROOVIN'] from Revolution1 GR97377

This funky house is by DINO & TERRY who appeared on track 3. Taken from peculiar house label GROOVIN' NY.

8.MATEO & MATOS Home [LARGE] from Songs for The Soul EP LAR-029

Frankly, MATEO & MATOS's sound feels abstract, so I can't understand all of them. But these are very useful in a DJ-Mixing set.


From the beginning of track to the end, this is filled with super easiness and soft mood. By the way, the person ALTON MILLER himself was originally working during early detroit house scene.

10.GEMINI EYES Mr.foxtrot [FAIR PARK] from FPR007

FAIRPARK label releases soft housetrack as steadily as 20:20 VISION. I except much from now. This is by GEMINI aka SPENCER KINCY.

11.CHUGGLES I Remember Dance [PRESCRIPTION] from PRES010

CHUGGLES's ideal musical masterpiece, it keeps adult mood. RALF LAWSON and his posse join this unit, but I think that CHEZ DAMIER leads main.

12.STEVE 'SILK' HURLEY feat. JAMIE PRINCIPLE Cold World (Funky Cold Mix) from ATRANTIC 0-86267

I can't help remembering early chicago-house classic "Bad Boy", "Baby Wants To Ride". This is a perfect pop-song. JAMIE sings excellent!

13.WHAT IT IS Do You Believe (Club Mix) [OTHER SIDE] from OS-002

ROY DAVIS Jr.'s recent masterpieces were already reported several times. Don't make light of his old works in about '92. He said "Do you believe? I believe...". He believes believers and future (phuture) .

Mixed & Compiled by DJ Jazzy-F
a dangerous DJ Jazzy-F in hiz cageRecorded @ F-House,Tokyo,Japan 1998/05/30

note :
This "EZ-Mix" series is homemade Mixed CD works by DJ Jazzy F.
he inspired by good DJ-ing at club or DJ-Mix CD works of Laurent Garnier, Derrick Carter, Ralf Lawson, Cajmire, DJ Pierre, etc.
he'z b'n making this EZ-Mix series with taste of jazz and easy feelings. da latest issue of da seriez iz vol.7 (1999/01/31). and we're going to present hiz mix-works in sequence.

pik-up Label by edita
Gemini Eyes' FPR007 so smooth Fair Park - a house made from 100% flower
in late '90z - afta tha hard-minimal atomik war, a few who had earz were saved by soft-minimal + deep-house hardly. especially Fair Park, a label based in mid.us, waz just an oasis and a gem for music-lovers. they're just da finest flowertech-soft-house dealers in '96-98. napping in flowerbed - for-evaa


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