#990630 da reviving fresh issue : electro shock!!

electronic funk again! im horney-computerz we trust

passionate beatz from Espana!

cozmik flamenco from da state of burning passion!! ole-ole-ole

v.a. mile high - club tracks vol.2
[Spiky/ouch 006]
sexxy club music
it'z lightning from es just struck us. on side a, New Rubber Lung's slappin' bass fires tons of hard funk, and on da flip side Panash (Ashley Marlowe) intercepts with hiz killing melodic groove. both sidez are perfect, just music!! but we like Panash rather than NRL for hiz lightness and not-so-fast tempo. more Ashley, more funk.
Mike Young el Gran Ritmo de Mike Young
[Donna Lee/DLR-007 2LP]

themes for summer of 1999

da beatz of sunshine from Barcelona!! electro-funk fused with latin, hawaiian, surfin' gtr, Joe Meek and etc. well-constructed and melodically great, he'z Gaudi of da beatz!

over the Pyrenees

it's not a kind of crates, just a nu-shooz from Spain. es trackin' hot!!

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