#990630 da reviving fresh issue : electro shock!!

electronic funk again! im horney-computerz we trust

electro summit im Koln.de

Koln.de, once waz the city of post-modern houserz (such az Madonna303, Air Liquid family and etc.), now haz a big cathedral of REAL electro-headz


what a shame, their productionz are not so much cute than hard and abstract :

Mobile Space Unit eruption
[Electrocute/ecs 1203]
MSU'z nu vinyl will be on next issue!

12'-2tracks. have gut 3 vinylz of them to now, and this 3rd iz da best. not so musical, but they skillfully fuzed minimal-hard aesthetix into electro, an unusual achievement

Riot City

"koln.de izt da city der riotsterz!" they said, but their soundz are not hard nor violent. contrarily, this label'z featurez are not-so-fast, lively and light. great

v.a. fit for heroes
[Riot City /POP.:11]
c'mon electronic rebelz!
w12'-33tracks. their vinylz' specific featurez are loop-tracks implementation and separated tracks, but think it'z inconvenient than normal-plate. well, this set featurez 8 riotsterz; Jan Kha, 3rd Electric, Ko Lute, Klystron, Rainbow Connection, Double Density, Peter Spiess and Riot City Allstars. da last allstarz' song riot hymne iz a parody of His Majesty Cybotron'z very gracious techno city okey, let'z sing along. and on inner sleeve, you can see das deutche nerdz, onez who put t-shirtz of Aux88 or Optic-Nerve, etc. nice muzik and perfect attraction, follow da riot-heroez!


al creditz on their recordz are handwritten German, so can't recognize exxcept it must be from koln. can't be certain in ev'rything in this line and below. poor germanus domestikas!! let'z be global

der germanae produktor deutching
[emm LP04]
fish for heroez
12'-11tracks, 1999. thinking it'z just "30cm", but "12inchez" might be more common in das amerika-dominated planet. meowkay, supporting CGS system of unitz for da name of science and clarity of reazon, gonna call it "1/3 yardz" vinyl, roger. and this LP, originally recorded by compact-cassetter in 1991-1993, iz completely not-suitable for dancepartiez. say, it soundz like japaneze NES-RPG (DQz and FFz... that'z what we trust)'z rural-village theme. sounds simply but assumed to be made elaborately. just a development of Kraftwerk's "neonlight"...iz a too much praize
une producaier de allemande germanyum
[a-muzik/a 10]

spoils the all of bedroom fun

12'-8tracks. you don't know or never know, there'z a label called Frogman im tokyo.jp, and their slogan once waz "from the bedroom to the whole universe". so we used to say for fun "from dee universe to our bedroom" against them. and the good times waz gone, happen to face to deeze of muzik just suitable for bedroom from far. do not doubt if somebody said that this iz a recent produkt of da producer above. soundz basically like above, but there'z feelings of modernity a little - less of oldskooly flava

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