#990630 da reviving fresh issue : electro shock!!

electronic funk again! im horney-computerz we trust

since minimal-hard traxez died in 1995, it haz come - da time to REAL funking. let there be power to global neu-electro revolution! you MUST be aware.

clockwerk-fishermen dem Haag.nl

Haag iz vague

once upon a time... the time when we're into acid-traxez, Haag.nl had fierce-hard-acid labelz like Reference and Bunker. and Viewlexx, castle of thee Industrial-Fiendz now, appeared to us az a sub-label of Reference, their early release:

v.a. Beverly Hills 808303 v.s. HOTT
[Viewlexx /V7-1A,V7-1B]
a vinyl wiz view
w7'-4tracks 1995. weird electro traxez on info-sidez of each disc. and on flip sidez, typical hard-acid of the time.

since doze time to now, Haag sound iz so vague. it'z puzzling. abstruse, generally. but time haz changed... Viewlexx and Haag-headz refined (!?) their sound, and revived az a den of industrial-electro

fear of thee Industrial-Fiend

nobody knowz when it waz born... but it IZ, and we're facing ITz cruelty. I-F (F.E.van der Sluijs), we believe that this code must be an acronym of thee Industrial-Fiend. some doctorz said that it might be a monster developed from polluted sediment of the famous canal of nl, and the other advocated that it might be a vinegared-herring mutant. anyway it IZ...etc. and I-F'z annoying crazy sound makes us feel so sick, but it sometimes astoundz us by itz repressed expression, and makes us move by purity and shed tearz for the melancholic melodiez. our hero I-F, he haz the depth

I-F portrait of a dead girl - 1:the cause
[Viewlexx /MZE3354]
12'-6tracks. portraitz of dead are the hi-lightz of da web just like portraitz of nasty-girlz, hoo! hoo! who need it? and da Fiend rules by terrorz of A2 and B3. the former'z touching melody in fierce sound, it representz early I-F'z aesthetix totally. for the 1st time, had listened to A2 in Dave Clark's x-mix Electro Boogie and thought once "just an indus-scum". then something must be changed in our heartz before we knew it
I-F portrait of a dead girl - 2:the conclusion

what a pitiable story

12'-4tracks. so glad of thee earlier concluding of da ghastly poor dead girl storiez. A1'z pathetic melody and dramatic progression of A2... shudder, chill and carefree
v.a. the west coast electro sound of Holland
[Bunker /Bunker3001]

sound of da land of windmill and tulip

w12'-8tracks. da Fiend'z friendz are da fiendz too. an omnibus of I-F and hiz comrade'z extremely vague pieces, subtitled the Hague rocks the planet #2. but we call it "thee anxious rockerz den Haag.nl" rather than. however on side B, theme from the couch potatoes and car audio test track might be useful
I-F space invaders are smoking grass
[Interdimensional Transmissions /IT 9]

nl iz assumed to be the home of marijuana

12'-3tracks. in jp., they said that it'z an anthem of european summer of 1998, but don't believe da hypes like doze. call it bad audio behavior cuz it haz very low sonic potential (though haz good melody) for sound-phile. and in beautiful precious childhood, used to call da Taito Space Invaderz game "bop-pop" cuz they walked with da sound like bop-pop-bop-pop...
I-F the man from PACK

da planetrockin' hottest vinyl of june 1999

w12'-8tracks. this be a kind of an imaginary soundtrack like dead-girl seriez. and Fiend, our electronic-weird hero, he'z b'n leaving from thee obscured soundz of doze dayz, and going to ascend to da height of sublime beauty of thee electronix and simplicity in this latest achievement. especially title track, it'z one of da deepest mechanical soul we've ever heard and in it, I-F implanted thee essencez of the early techno-music masterz such az Kraftwerk, G. Moroder and Ymo... just a delightful experimentz. eternal with techno-music history, marvelous!

I-F theme from PACK
[Interdimensional Transmissions /IT 11]

12'-2tracks. Parallax Corp's rmx iz "not so serious" and haz pseud-houz beat... but also haz impressing melody, so might be favorable to crowdz. and on da flip side extended 12' version assumed to be a mix of PACK LP title track, but can't be certain cuz it haz much different sound from that... however, it iz a 2nd miracle. so simple, quite melodic and haz S-O-U-L, shiver again!!

cozmic poetasterz

the other playerz in Haag.nl...

Electronome music telex
B2 'morphing' fits for Powerranger theme
12'-4tracks. this must be a recent release of View-crew, but it waz numbered "001". these things increase our distrust of Haag-herrings. well, this one iz quite melodic - 2 on side B are so useful (exxcellent on B2'z stupid feeling). a2 bass commander iz namely techno-bass style just like to Dynamix 2.
v.a. the brothers fuck & friend
[Clone/Clone#7, cat. M002]

1997 friendship odyssey

12'-7tracks, 1997. wicked titlez and enigmatic double cat.number. increasing our distrust, a man named F.Guillotine and hiz fxxking friendz made unexpected deep sound. very interesting, but da tracks are too short to play
Cosmic Force robot poetry and etc
[Clone/Clone#9, cat. C002]

mobil-suited electronic force

12'-6tracks. so said which'z your correct cat-numbaa... well, this force armed by voltage, "TEE AR Eight'o'Eight" and "sixty beats" (sixty!?) conquered unknown sonic spacez. common in above 3 vinylz, they're not so perfect and floorlike. but have unique nonchalant moodz, mechanical lyricism and muzikal approachez. favorable and placing hope on their phuture. peace!

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