"Nintendo-shi Sega-Sony"

Nippon representative childish punk technoheads, 'Hyper Rich' label is going to release their 3rd omnibus, named "Nintendo-shi SegaSony(Nintendo master, Sega Sony)" (HRC-003, analog only). President Narita Kozaburo says, 'Who need Pentium? 32bit? We rather love 8 bit Nintendo' Surely, their Lo-Fi grunge-tech music sounds like speeded kid's electro gadgets roam. It will come 95/August. FAX:+81-3-3714-7087

Herr Thomas P.Heckmann, we love him

Chicago acidhouse + Deutche electro. The brightest son of their marriage's is Herr Thomas P. Heckmann, a resident of Mainz, Deutch. He uses various names such as 'age', 'Exit 100', 'Perple Plejade'(with Herr Hoschi:'Labwork' president), 'Drax' & 'Drax ltd.2'(what is the difference?), and releaces from his own Trope or Force Inc., Mille Plateau, Oscillator(Belgium) + Djax (Netherland). Each of them are hi-quality. Little nostargic, and have prominent tones. They often have titles about drugs (such as 'Amphetamin' or 'Doors of Perception'), but Herr Heckmann does not praise drugs, we think. We supporse, that he sings the sorrowness of a man who had opened 'the doors of perception'. His latest work is "Kobol tracks No.1"(Djax-Up-228), and that is the answer to recent Chicago acid revival from Dentche acid guru. Different from his regular music, made by poorest equipment, but his own lylicism are there. With respect, we love Herr Heckmann.

Hardcore techno is coming!

Nippon gabber-heads are rise again. Eyes of storm are hardcore magazine ( not porno) "WAX" + Out of Key (Nippon representative gabber unit). Gabber- freak access to "WAX" : FAX +81(0)78-843-1917.

Model 500

Always in our mind. Juan Atkins released his first original album "Deep Space"(R&S/RS 95066 CD) as Model 500. It is love-letter from 'deep space' to us. Happy.

Austria is mysterious

Yes, Austria has great Pulsinger + Tunakan production and their 'Cheap' label, mysterious 'Mainframe' label and Ilsa Gold! Ilsa makes various styled tracks, but who is her??? What kind of techno music are they? We are so interested of them, but we do not know what they are, Austria techno we will research & report later.


NEC 'PC-9801' series are Nippon national personal computer (we call it paso-com). It is the 'digital Zero-Fighter'. And once it was business machine, but now, it runs Nippon proudly 'Ero-Geh' pornographic games mostly. Irdial(England)'s label compilation "There are too many fools following too many rules"(50ird com2) has 9801 porno graphics. We are satisfied that this label shows respect to Nippon computer culture. Sure, 98 porno CG became global now! And Irdial's Aqua Regia + Ramjack Corporation are genious. Their sounds are flower-tech house. Hainault who appropriates Nippon original 'indoor baseball song' made amazed Nippon-jin bracing surprise.
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