This spring of Nippon was, many Techno DJs had come. Alex Knight from London spinned at 'Chaos East'(Liquid Room Shinjuku, 95/ 02/25), he was so unique. He selection was curious, strange electro, 'what is this?' once we thought. But it was something that is not like the other, great. His 'long mix' play is match for 'the master' Lanrent Garnier.

Derrick May played at 'Club Venus'(Liquid Room Shinjuku, 95/03/24). He is the most respectable DJ on this planet. Fiercely distorted tones & twisted rhythms, any pletes he play sound like his own track! Especially Joey Beltram's 'Bang the Acid remix' was unforgettable. If the world ignored Joey , Derrick May will be with him (of course, we like to be with them, too). Nippon's common saying, 'a hero knows a hero'.

Laurent Garnier, he is 'the world's most excellent techno-house DJ' that authorized by Digital Biscuit, and now he is a semi-resident DJ of Yellow, Nishiazabu. Very good. But the party 'Zero-Turbo' with him at Yellow (95/03/ 31), was like turkish bathing with stuffed human beings. In Nippon, they say such situation 'pushing meat-pie'. Oh no. And we supporsed, the aim of the many human beings was supporting pop-star part time DJ. Mmmm...

And what increaced the stuffiness was the obscene behavior of a couple close to your reporter. We said in our mind 'Dirty bitch!', then Garnier started to play with a house that said 'Bitch! Bitch! Dirty bitch...' Monsieur Garnier, why did you understand our mind?

Anyway, monsieur Garnier sutisfied us. Smooth & sharp, and we was impressed deeply by Herr Heckmann's 'Amphetamin'.

DJ Sneak, Chicago young power DJ + hopeful track maker, played 'Club Venus '(Liquid Room Shinjuku, 95/05/02). We think that his tracks are good but not enough to sutisfy us (crabby crazy heads), but his DJing was very unique + moved us. He layered Yellow Magic Orchestra 's 'Firecracker' on Plastikman's 'Spastik', terrific 'Acid Tracks' by Phuture on fantastic Finger's Inc., and so on. Different sounds collided, and became new space. Sneak is likely the world heavy weight DJ champion!?

Mr.DBX, or Daniel Bell came to Nippon instead of Armand v.Helden that is we have heard, but it supposed to be better. Mr.Bell once (early 90's) was Detroit hardcore-head 'Cybersonic', and represented Plus 8's the savagest side. Later, as DBX, he made his 'Losing Control' global underground hit tune.

And his DJing (at Yellow, 95/05/03) was house-oriented, as we expected ( Detroit DJs play house!). Once every DJs played 'Losing Control', but Mr. Bell layered it on nasty phunk music. Very unique. His style was 'vague elrctro line on solid rhythm part' we supposed. It was not 'professional DJ' s performance, but people enjoyed it.

K-Alexi Shelby is a veteran of united Chicago forces. Chicago house freaks (just like us) know him well, and respect his career. But Nippon scene generally makes light of original Chicago house (house people is fond of garage! Or Factory style!). We did not expected to listen to Mr.K's DJing. But Yellow invited him. Great!

Mr.K (at Yellow, 95/06/15) started with his own acid track 'Thee X-File'( Radical Fear/Fear 005), then strange whirly house (it was great! but nobody knows the song). And what surprized Tokyo was notorious hip-house & orchestra hit attack! (Both of them are seemed like 'representative of things that is not-smart' in Tokyo). But strange to say, it didn't sound not -smart. And he played obscene tracks such as singing 'lick your p****' or ' All night, I want to f***'. Tokyo laughed, was amazed, & danced! Awful, Chicago silliness!

Thoughtless selection + savage mix. From YMO's 'Firecracker' to Farley Jackmaster Funk's masterpiece 'Love can't turn around'(instrumental), then played Kraftwerk 'Numbers'. He is just smarter!... we once thought. But...

From 'Numbers' to next 'Computer World', he kept on spinning the plate. What happened?, we looked at DJ booth, there Mr.K kissed and **** with a woman. Oh no, the **** songs were just his mind!, we recognized. After the happening, his play was almost loose, but we think Chicago is amazing that is where a person just like him is treated as foremost (Mr.K is the resident DJ of Chicago Warehouse). Chicago is *******. We love them.

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