What Absurd, Had The Unruly Kid Done!

Some people say 'Djax is abnormal'. Why? We have understood that by listening this EP. Yes, it is abnormal, bizarre, and absurd. Though every peoples misunderstand Chicago acid (good example:gabba house and Harthouse school), Like A Tim hd made the worst misjudgement.

Also its A1 is an illdisposed parody of Chicago house, A2 is a cut-up of TV voices on dull eight beats (southern rock?). Stunned... Even the Residents would be dumbfounded by it. B1 is also a 'flower bed techno' named hopelessly 'Space Punk', and the last track is chinese techno that sounds like parody of YMO. Further, its ending says 'PIP POP', frivolously. Aaagh, don't be kidding, you a-shithead! And we say, you just captured us! We gladly had found a intimate friend in remote Netherland! OK, we're going to introduce Like A Tim's past works on the next issue, right!

(26k, jpeg)

We could never recommend this to
ordinary men, especially DJs.
And its label ilustration too,
is overly nonsense!

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