Suicide & Alan Vega's the Latest Releases

Happend to Meet in Fuji Jungle

In Tokyo, 'Recofan' is unknown surefire record shop to hunt techno CDs. They keep, inexplicably, such as Gary Numan or The Residents, and occasionally sell M500 & Jeff Mills at a discount. If you endeaver, you would surely get treasures.

Suicide's "A Way of Life"(1988), that we had been searching for long while, was found there, too. Lucky! However, does it has depressing sounds? Huh, yes, but listening to it attentive, we realized that they had fought the acid hous e that had been the van of the era. So it is understandable that all the block heads of rock'n'roll never realized the value of this album.

(55k, jpeg)
Regard this as a strange acid house. 
and also, beautiful artwork, hardly seen 
on their records is on there.

Meanwhile, hunting in Recofans of here and there, searching for this record, we found a discovery that had made us sick and feel like we have found a decomposed body in the jungle of Fuji (the eastern wing of Fuji, there is the jungle, and compasses does not work there. They say anybody can't escape from, so many suicides go into). It was the latest works of Alan Vega, Suicide's singer. His solo LPs, early weired rockabillis were nice, but since he moved to major label, came to prosaic, so we had ignored it up to our days.

Carelessly, bought it (It was inexpensive). And we discoverd one after the other, in result, we got "Deuce Avenue"(1990,Musidisc/105582), "Power on to Zero Hour"(1991,Musidisc/108122), and "New Racion"(1993,Misidisc/110122). Alan possessed us?

(47k, jpeg)
Had listened to this, you would 
conclude, that the harmless uppity
 'techno' is rubbish

And we hardly discribe each of their sounds, that the 1st is like acid house , 2nd is like hiphop, and the 3rd is egoistic mixtures of them and rock'n'roll , but it never matters. We have known that Alan built up his own kingdom no on e could enter. Along the tracks that are like reckages of annihilated 'music', his songs draw the world where disgraces and glories, desolations and gorgiouses, and more, childish desires and the deepest despairs are mingle with each other indifferently. It makes us feel like to be dashed heavy oil and purfumes alternately. Awfully, the outrageous man be there!

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