Finally, Appears "Skylark" Techno!

Despite of that Stefan Robbers is the draw at Djax label, the album of Acid Junkies (Robbers & H.De Kinderen) made us sick. It seems to us that, these 'ridiculacid' were made by wise guys. Strange M9 OK, but we couldn't be fond of their whole.

Thinking that another one might be better, we bought Robbers's EP "Backflash "(Djax-Up-203) as Terrace. That is better, but couldn't stand comparison with real Chicago acid. He might fabricate them by intelligence.

Beside, 'Theme from the Acid Junkies' also, he was supposed to like the strings' pentatonic refrains behind acid bass. The refrais reminds us Misora Hibari's 'Ringo Oiwake' (Misora was the greatest female popular singer in Nippon's history. and 'Ringo Oiwake', means 'a packhorse driver's song about apple', is sad song that inspired by Nippon's folk blues, and was her representative repertoire that was also played by Miles Davis), so we got to call him 'skylark' techno (Hibari means a lark, Misora is clear sky). Therefore, Robbers must going to be a star of folk-blues-acid!

(20k, jpeg)

They say "cocain, cocain". Can you 
satisfied by such a moderate silliness?

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