DAF Again! Virtual Special Talk

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Gabi's campaigne with united forces...

Early acid house vocal classics, such as Jamie Principle's 'Baby Want To Ride' or Fingers INC's 'Music Take Me Up', sounded like DAF. Invented this weired style, furthermore, they surprised us by minimalism of their video clips. There only Gabi delgado-Lopez dancing, and Robert Gorl casting lascivious grance at him (homosexual?). Huh. Now, they talk on this magazine.

Gabi [Oh Bob, missed you so much]

Robert [Incidentally, I don't want to hear that they calls it "dafu". It is "dee-ei-ef". We said it opening of our reunion album (1986)]

G [Oh, they said that it was our worst LP. Following lylics were "sex, sex"... It's shameful]

R [In Japan, they sells it \500 on second hand shop]

G [But, I don't think it was the worst, in spite of it was electro pop song album]

R [Since we are inventers of acid, we had not to make elrctro pop in the dawn of acid house movement. Also, sang in English instead of Deutsches was worse. And now, what's going on your unit Delkom?]

G [Released an EP in collaboration with Voov . Will you listen it?]

R [Huh, mmm, this is something like 2 Unlimited. You say there is 3 songs, but each of them have same material, don't? Finally, too much notes. Rather, list en to my latest solo LP (Robert Gorl "Therapie" diskoB/db23)]

G [Huh, mmm, it is cool acid house, I see. But, isn't it too flat?]

R [It is DJ's realm to 'cook' them]

G [Oh, you had been kind of a man who tends to be idle if you could... And, haven't you got fatten since you stopped to bang your drums?]

R [Don't say that! You also have became dull by being made a fool of your lady (Saba Komossa), haven't you?]

G [What-you-say?]

We, DAF mania, are very sorry to accept it, but, re-reunion of DAF seems to be distant future thing. Sob.

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